Style Queen Daniela Tablante on Trends to Watch in 2021

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Style Queen Daniela Tablante on Trends to Watch in 2021

Fashion-forward Hispanic role model Daniela Tablante on what to expect for the coming seasons.

The world of fashion is forever changing. As styles come and go, so too do the models we see wearing the clothes… but the fashionista’s life lets a lady stay in the spotlight forever. 

Such is for CEO model Daniela Tablante. Daniela is a Venezuelan beauty, most famous for her first solo documentary project: Families Are Forever: Parkland Strong, on Amazon Prime. As a documentary filmmaker with fashion at the forefront of her mind, we wanted to know what Daniela thought about the coming year’s fashion. 

So, we sent her agent an email and asked.

Who’s Daniela Tablante?

In case you haven’t heard of her, Daniela is a master’s degree holder in Mass Media and Communications. This degree was her springboard into a world where she quickly accumulated merits. She worked with NBC, Univision, Azteca and Telemundo as a TV presenter. She became a documentary filmmaker, campaigned for the rights of those affected by the Zika campaign, and has worked steadily as a radio host, throughout.

What elevates Daniela from mere Hollywood starlet to style icon is her ability to do all the above with flawless style and taste. Her fashion sense is the envy of all, with one celeb-who-shall-not-be-named referring to her signature iconic style as “enviable.”

With all these accolades, you can understand why we wanted to consult Daniela on this year’s big styles. What did she have to say about the coming seasons? Let’s find out…

The Hot Trends of 2021

What’s on the cards for the coming months? Here’s what fashionista Daniela Tablante had to say.

The Face Mask is hot

Face masks aren’t going anywhere, so it’s only a matter of time before they start to make their way into the world of fashion. They already made an appearance on the catwalks for Spring and Summer of 2021. They will get sleeker, cuter, more flattering to the face. I predict perhaps cooling masks or those that help fight back against the dreaded double chin… watch this space.

Cropped tops and cycle shorts are here to stay… at least until summer

While the older ladies among us are turning to the tunic – destined to come back into style for the summer season – the younger ones aren’t quite finished with the cycle short and crop top trend. I hate this trend, personally. If you are any older than 30, it is destined to make you feel unworthy.

Grey joggers are a guy’ Best Friend

One fashion phase that we have taken from the younger generation is that of plain grey sweatpants. This has been popularized by TikTok but can be seen spreading across social media like wildfire. They are comfortable, low cost, and low maintenance. If only women’s clothing were the same.

Following Daniela

If you want more fashion tips and trends, you can catch Daniela Tablante on her Facebook page or join her masses of followers on Instagram.