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The Best 5 Ways you can Take Care of Your Skin, by Skinomatics

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The Best 5 Ways you can Take Care of Your Skin, by Skinomatics

Who better to ask about skin health than a world-leading skincare brand?

Skinomatics produce some of the best body oils on the planet for those of you who haven’t heard yet. Why? So that every pregnant woman has the luxury of minimal stretch marks after the birth. 

Stretch Marks have been plaguing humans for generations – and not just pregnant ones, either. Teenagers get stretch marks as they go through growth spurts. If we put on or lose a lot of weight at once, we get stretch marks. They are formed when the skin is overstretched and loses some of its elasticity as a result. 

But Skinomatics is a brand on a mission to solve this issue for human beings everywhere. Their years of research combine into a silky soft product that moisturizes to the full extent of the law. Not only that, but they were delightful enough to give us their top 5 tips for better skin care

5 Skincare Tips from the Professionals

How do you stave off stretch marks? Follow these five top tips from an international skincare supplier.

1 – Use Body Oil 3 Times a Day

Target the affected area appropriately by using a stretch mark preventative as often as three times a day. Rub it in and leave it to settle. This ought to help prevent any new stretch marks from forming while also lessening the appearance of old scars.

2 – It’s never too soon to start moisturizing

Even if you’re not used to moisturizing your face and body, it is never too soon, nor too late, to start. In particular, men struggle with the idea of applying body oil or moisturizer since it is seen as a feminine thing to do. We are here to tell you that everyone deserves healthy skin… so you go ahead and treat yourself, son.

3 – Use Stretch Mark Cream from the moment you discover your Pregnancy

If you are using body oil because you are pregnant, consider the following carefully. Starting from the onset of the pregnancy means you have accounted for your stretching skin from the very start. This lets you get more natural collagen into your skin, which will help it support the stretch when it happens. 

4 – Or from the first day of Your Diet

If you are on a diet and ready to lose lots of weight steadily, then a body oil for stretch marks should be applied liberally, three times a day, from the outset of your dieting. For the same reason that pregnant women should use it as their bodies change shape, too will it work for you.

5 – Sunshine is not your friend

What’s the opposite of getting moisture into your skin? Getting out and sunbathing to dry it all out. If you are going out in the sun, be sure to put on plenty of UV protective sun cream to protect that precious skin. You should try picking up a BB cream with UV protection in it to wear daily, too… even if you don’t class yourself as a female.

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