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The Return of the Classic Mom Jeans

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The Return of the Classic Mom Jeans

There is a strange aesthetic to these baggy, stylish pants. They effortlessly achieve a retro look and are reminiscent of the simpler days that were the 80’s.  They are sexy, stylish and comfortable. They are also absolutely easy to pair and an ideal wear for both casual and formal settings.

The ‘mom jeans’ originated in the early 1980’s. Now, while these pants are a major trend of the 10’s, they were actually a fashion no-no way back in the early 2000’s. They were also more common among older women or moms, which might actually explain why. They came in boring washed out shades of blue. They had too much extra material around the crotch area and a nasty habit of making one’s butt appear unnaturally long.

Would you believe that this trend was actually revived through a skit on SNL? That’s right. Way back in 2003, Tina Fey jokingly advertised a fake brand of jeans which she called ‘mom jeans’. Her famous tagline, “for this Mother’s Day, don’t give Mom that bottle of perfume. Give her something that says, ‘I’m not a woman anymore…I’m a mom!'” quickly ensured that this trend was dead and buried.

Shortly after her skit, no woman wanted to be caught wearing these atrocities. They were tabbed a fashion no-no and nobody was ready to argue with that. For a long time after this, it seemed like the trend was laid to rest for good.

However, just like most fashion trends, the revival of the mom jeans can be largely attributed to hipsters. Particularly the ‘normcore’ unisex fashion movement that began around 2010. This fashion movement was all about indifference to designer fashion trends. What started out as a small protest quickly gained traction especially among the youngsters. Eventually, fashion trends such as the hoodie and mom jeans became normalized.

Today, MAMA pants are an ideal wear for both casual and formal settings. Often, they are paired with tighter tops tucked in. They can also be paired with blazers for a more formal feel. The look can be completed by heels or even flat shoes. Either way, it totally works.

Fair warning, the style is a bit risqué for those born and raised in skinny jeans. However, I reckon that this style might be here to stay for good this time. Especially since it is very versatile and works for any body shape. You can also style it in a variety of ways.

Check out these 5 ways that you can pair your mom jeans.

10 ways to style your Mom jeans

1. Rolled Up mom jeans

You have probably come across this classic mom jeans trend. It simply involves rolling up the bottom of your mom jeans up to your shins. This look works best when paired with a tight fitting top to balance with the loose jeans. You can also tuck in your top so as to show off your waist. You can also complete this look with a pair of sneakers or even ankle boots.

2. With a plaid shirt or jacket

The plaid shirt has never lost its charm and rightly so. You can pair your plaid shirt with just about anything including your favorite pair of mom jeans. If you are going for a rugged, laid-back look, consider pairing your mom jeans with an oversized plaid shirt. Complete this look with a plain colored top and you will be good to go.

3. With an oversized jacket and combat boots

This is a stylish and edgy look that is not only easy to pull off but very sexy too. Pair your mom jeans with an oversized jacket and complete the look with a pair of grunge combat boots. This look screams edgy and is very sexy. It is also very comfortable and perfect for going out on casual adventures with your friends.

4. With a crop top

The simplest way to pair your mom jeans is with a crop top. This outfit is simple, clean cut and very casual. The best part about this look is that the crop top can either be plain and fitting or even loose with crazy colors. Any works just fine. The bagginess of the mom jeans will accentuate the slimness of your waist.


5. Mom jeans and plain white sneakers

This is a popular timeless look that has been rocked by numerous girls. You can easily rock it too. All you need is a nice top, a pair of mom jeans and your best white sneakers. White sneakers complement the mom jeans for a casual, laid-back look. Not to mention, you will be very comfortable all day.

6. With a sweater and neck bandana

Even with mom jeans, you can still pull off an outfit that looks like it is straight out of a high-fashion runway. Consider pairing your mom jeans with a fitting sweater and a neck bandanna. You can even top it all off with an animal print coat and strut your way through the day.

7. With a vintage shirt

I love this look for the simple fact that it is simply gorgeous. Try pairing your mom jeans with a colorful vintage shirt and see how you like it. To pull off this look, you need a baggy, colorful vintage shirt and your mom jeans. You can even tuck the shirt in or tie it at your waist for a bit more flare. Accessorize accordingly.

8. With ankle boots

A nice pair of black ankle boots will complete your outfit in a simple yet classy way. You can roll-up your mom jeans to show off your ankle boots. This look can be completed with a nice blazer for a classy feel.

9. The monochrome mom jeans look

You can pair your mom jeans with a turtleneck for a nice, clean monochrome look. This look is effortless and simple. Of course, you will need to accessorize it in order to give it more life.

10. With a bodycon top and boots

There is nothing sexier than a pair of mom jeans layered off with a bodycon top. If you are looking for an outfit for a girl’s night out, this is the perfect blend of sexy and casual.