The Right Way to Organize Your Handbag

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The Right Way to Organize Your Handbag

How many times have you thought you lost something to only find out later that it was at the bottom of your bag? How many times have you rummaged through a pile of things inside your bag just to try to find your keys? If you have a problem organizing your bag, here are some great tips that you can try.

Take Everything Out of Your Bag

Before you start organizing your bag, dump everything out on the floor. You will probably see some things that you weren’t expecting to find there. At this point, it’s not really surprising. Now throw out all the unnecessary things like old receipts, expired cards, expired coupons, and other junk that you astonishingly stored there.

After you’ve taken everything out, clean the inside portion of the bag using a damp cloth. Make sure that everything is dry and clean before putting all your things back inside.

Group Similar Items Together

Looking at all the things on the floor, work out which of those things do you really need. Can some of the things on your bag be left at your desk or in the car? Instead of using full-sized toiletries, you can transfer some of its contents into travel-sized bottles. Identify the essential ones and put aside the rest.

From the pile of stuff left on the floor, pick up the things that are similar and place them together. For instance, you can group all the pens, pencil, and notepads together. Hygiene products should also be grouped together.

Organize and Contain the Contents of Your Bag

Before putting back your things inside your bag, consider this one thought: every item that goes in your bag should be fairly easy to find. For small items like medicine and hairpins, you should store them in separate and closed pouches. If possible, you should label each pouch so that you could easily identify its content. Not only is this neat, but it’s also really convenient.

For things that have the danger of spilling, such as makeup and lotion, you may use waterproof containers to store them. This becomes really handy when you’re traveling because sometimes when we travel via airplane the sudden shift in cabin pressure can make liquids explode out of their containers.

For coupons, you can opt to use digital ones since they function just the same as regular coupons but without the hassle of bringing them all the time. As for keys, you can attach them to your bag by using a key ring or a key chain.

Make Use of an Organizer

To organize the rest of your things, you can make use of a bag organizer. Not only does it offer you lots of space to store your items, but it is also the best approach to organizing your things in different bags. If you have to change your bag in the future, you can just transfer the organizer into the new bag. You no longer have to organize them one by one. Plus, organizers usually have a lot of pockets that you could use to store different things.

Maintain this Tidiness

Now that everything is in place, it’s always easy to return to its previous state. Make it a habit to return things to their rightful spot. When you do this, it will be easy to find things inside your bag.

Do you realize how easy it is to organize your bag? It’s pretty comfortable and doesn’t need that long to perform. Make it a habit to often clear out the insides of your bag and organizing it. Not only will it be convenient for you, but your back will also thank you for it.