The World’s Best Small Islands in 2019

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The World’s Best Small Islands in 2019

When you think about islands, you’re probably picturing coconuts and palm trees or maybe silky white sands and crystal clear water. You also might be thinking about how nice it would be to go there and just relax.

If that’s the case, then you should probably consider small islands since it will give you the peace and relaxation that you won’t get anywhere else. Small islands are the best because they are the places where locals are naturally friendly, not to mention you can feel the sense of truly getting away from all the chaos of the city. Now, here are five of the world’s best small islands as of 2019:

Barbuda, Antigua, and Barbuda

Seeing that Barbuda houses a large colony of frigatebird, it’s most likely that birds outnumber humans on the island. Barbuda, which is actually Antigua’s Carribean sibling, is popular for its breathtaking sceneries and beaches. In fact, if you ask people from Antigua, they will most likely tell you that the beaches at Barbuda’s are better.


One more thing that makes Barbuda the best is the fact that mostly everything on the island is unspoiled and undeveloped. From the pink and silky white sand to the trees and everything that the eyes can see, you’ll find that they are completely untouched. Of course, you will only see a few resorts and restaurants, but one thing is for sure: they serve only the freshest seafood you will ever find.

Lana’i, Hawaii, USA

Lana’i was previously known for its pineapples, but now it’s also famous for its breathtaking views and luxury resorts. Lana’i was owned by Dole for years. It produced more than half of the world’s pineapples when it was still at its peak years of production.

lanai hawaii

However, when Dole left, Four Seasons came in and built their luxe hotels. In fact, they built two extremely distinct properties at Lana’i: the Lodge at Koele and Lanai at Manele Bay. The Lodge at Koele is more of a mountain hideaway, whereas Lanai at Manele Bay is located near the sea. Both of these properties are so well-placed and so breathtaking that many people are coming from all over the world to stay in these luxe hotels. In fact, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda chose Lanai at Manele Bay as their wedding venue.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is famous for its glowing white buildings, blue domes, and ancient windmills that are clinging to the side of sea cliffs. This small island has become the talk of travel experts and is constantly being featured on travel books and magazines.

santorini greece

Not only does Santorini offer a breathtaking backdrop and scenery with its amazing landscapes and red sand beaches, but it also gives off this relaxing vibe to its guests. You can try having some warm bread with tzatziki, as well as a glass of ouzo while watching the sunset from Oia, which is one of the best places to watch the sunset in the world.

Abaco, Bahamas

Located in the northern part of Bahamas, the Abaco Islands are a cluster of islands and barrier cays. Abaco is also the second largest island in the country and is well known as a yachtsman’s paradise. It boasts of pine forests and its aquamarine water.

Abaco, Bahamas

The things that make Abaco famous are the friendly locals and environment, great boating, and an excellent real estate offering. That’s why it has rapidly become a popular travel destination in the Bahamas. Hunters also frequent the island because of wild boar and ducks.