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Top 3 Absurd Destinations for Your Next Big Vacation

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Top 3 Absurd Destinations for Your Next Big Vacation

More than anything in the world, I love to travel. Luckily for me, my job allows me for vacations and work at the same time. See, I am a freelance writer and the best part about my job is that I could be writing this article as the warm Malibu waves lap at my feet or I could even be enjoying a nice fat joint at a café in Amsterdam, and you would be none the wiser. I love the freedom that comes with my job, and I use it to travel to the most absurd yet beautiful places on earth.

Vacation season is just around the corner. If you are looking to make some memories, I recommend a beautiful yet strange travel experience to open up your perception of the world around you. Warning: this is not your typical vacation guide. This article explores the strangest vacation destinations in the world.  After all, we all know the most fun comes from the most unexpected places.

Top 3 best vacation destinations in the world

1. Tankwa Town, South Africa

You have probably heard of Burning Man, the annual event held at Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. However, have you heard of AfrikaBurn, its equivalent, held every year in South Africa? If you are looking for a unique experience that you will be recounting for years to come, this is it.

The sights at in the Karoo desert in Tankwa town are nothing short of incredible. Larger than life sculptures punctuate the sky as the desert floor is filled with out-of-this-world artworks. However, the most astonishing sight to behold is the thousands of people walking about in mesmerizing costumes and stunning body paint.

The best part is that AfrikaBurn is not just a music or arts festival. This event is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a surreal world in which creativity, self-reliance, and communal efforts are highly regarded. If you are looking for an extraordinary experience that will dramatically impact your perception of the world, this is one of the places you must visit.

While you are in still in South Africa, there is a myriad of vacation spots for you to visit. I am particularly fond of a tiny town nestled in the bosom of South Africa called Robertson. This is a place where good food and wine are the way of life. In fact, in this town alcoholic indulgence is *hic encouraged.

You can even take lessons on how to brew wine at Excelsior Wine Estate. The best part is you will get to keep the bottle you make. This extraordinary wine town holds a vast collection of classic wine. You would definitely want to visit this place with your spouse or friends and immerse yourselves in South African culture while indulging in some sweet, tangy brews.

2. Pattaya, Thailand

The four regions floating market is one of the most beautiful strangest vacation spots you could ever visit. The four regions floating market, better known as Pattaya Floating Market is a curious yet magnificent sight to behold.

Imagine this, over 100 vendors in traditional boats and canoes selling an assortment of products ranging from souvenirs, fruits, food, art, handicrafts, postcards, and even clothing. All your senses will be tingled by the different colors, aromas, and sounds from the flurry of activity.

The best way to view this location is by renting a canoe to maneuver between the stalls. If you so wish, you can walk through the sturdy stilted village with narrow walkways and stout bridges.

Be sure to time the daily afternoon cultural shows which are characterized by lots of dancing music and color.

If you want something to remember the destination with, you can easily purchase a souvenir in the form of a beautifully carved image from the numerous word carvers there.

A trip to Pattaya floating market is not complete without sampling a few of the popular delicacies sold there such as Pad Thai or Ke Nom Krok- a popular curry dish.

What stands out the most about this location is the friendly locals. Although they may keep trying to get you to buy their products, they are genuinely kind people. Interacting with them makes this destination even more memorable.

Of course, your trip to Pattaya would not be complete without basking on the beaches at Coral Island. This beautiful island is a hidden gem complete with a white sandy beach.

You can top off your trip to Pattaya by visiting the Pattaya viewpoint. The viewpoint allows for a sweeping view of the Crescent Bay which is absolutely breathtaking especially in the early mornings or late evenings. You will be treated to a beautiful sight that will stay with you always.

3. Borneo, Malaysia

There is a unique festival held every year in Borneo, Malaysia. The Rainforest World Music Festival is something that can only be described as transcendent. This festival is the ultimate celebration of music, nature, and culture. This event brings the top-musicians worldwide to perform along with the local musicians.

What stands out most about this festival aside from the incredible music is the setting. This music festival is held deep in the rainforest. Just as it sounds, it is utterly incredible to behold in person. This 3-day festival is surrounded by breathtaking scenery that will make you appreciate nature, music, and culture.

You will have your sense tingled by the different arts displayed from a variety of cultures all over the world. In addition to this, the various cuisines are incredible and worth every penny.

When you are through with this festival, you can travel down to Tioman Island and soak in the culture as you bask on the beach. The Malaysian people are incredibly hospitable, and your stay will be one to remember.

Finally, I leave you with the inspirational words of Gustave Nadaud, “to stay is to exist, to travel is to live.”