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Top 3 Best-Tasting Chocolate Ice Creams of 2019

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Top 3 Best-Tasting Chocolate Ice Creams of 2019

Summer’s here and we’re trying to find different ways to keep ourselves cool. Now, in terms of keeping oneself cool, there’s no way better to do that than to eat something cold – Like ice creams, for example.

Over the years, there have been dozens of ice cream brands that are steadily gaining popularity. So, with all these different brands, how will you know which one of them is worth the money that you spend on it? It’s not like you can take a scoop and taste it before you actually buy it.

In this article, we’ll feature three of the best-tasting chocolate ice cream in 2019 based on numerous taste tests. There were a lot of brands that vied for these spots – They included Haagen-Dazs, Edy’s, Breyers, Meijer, Cedar Crest, Halo Top, and Blue Bunny.

All these were judged based on two key factors; that is, their flavor and texture. To sum it up, the top should offer a rich, chocolate flavor and a smooth, balanced texture at the same time. So, without further ado, here are the top 3 best-tasting chocolate ice cream of 2019:

Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest is, without a doubt, the local choice. It has this incredibly creamy flavor that surpasses the average chocolate ice cream – It’s a milk chocolate ice cream. Plus, it has a hint of caramel, which other people may love or hate.

In terms of texture, Cedar Crest offers a dense texture to its chocolate ice cream. What’s great about it is how it slowly melts in your mouth.

Blue Bunny

If Cedar Crest is the local choice, then Blue Bunny would be a store-brand winner. Blue Bunny gives us an extra-rich chocolate, with tasting more delicious than the last one. In fact, it’s so good that it almost took the top spot.

Compared to other brands, Blue Bunny chocolate ice cream has a deeper flavor yet a slightly chalky aftertaste. As for the texture, it has an extra smoothness and creaminess to it. That’s exactly how a great chocolate ice cream should taste and feel. Plus, it holds up firmly even when it sat out of the freezer for a couple of minutes.


Overall, Edy’s has the best-tasting chocolate ice cream out of all the other brands. It was clear as day. Edy’s chocolate ice cream was far too good to lose to any other brand.

Edy’s chocolate ice cream not only tastes good, but it also has a nice texture. It was perfectly rich and creamy while also hinting at a strong dark chocolate flavor that will make you come back for more. Moreover, just like Blue Bunny, it holds up really well even when it sat out of the freezer for a while and stays firmly on the spoon.

These are the top three best-tasting chocolate ice creams of 2019. Now, it is true that every person has different preferences and tastes. After all, flavor is pretty subjective. So, to know which brands top your list, grab a spoon and start trying them out to see which one you like best.