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Traveling to the Happiest Places in the World

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Traveling to the Happiest Places in the World

We all know that traveling can boost anyone’s mood. It may not solve all your problems, but it will give you some time away to enjoy life and relieve your stress. Even when you’re still planning and booking everything, it already creates a big impact on your mindset since it gives you something to look forward to.

Therefore, it’s only natural that when you are planning your next travel, you want to visit places that are fun and make you feel an overall sense of happiness. So, here are five happiest places to visit in 2019:


Many people consider Switzerland as one of the world’s most thriving countries in terms of economy. It is also arguably a place where a lot of the happiest people in the world are living right now.

Basel, which is Switzerland’s third largest city right after Zurich and Geneva, is one of the cities with the most thriving economies in the world. Plus, it is also where you will find the happiest people anywhere around the globe. Although it was previously underrated as a tourist destination, 2019 will bring light to Switzerland’s very own happy place. Not only will you see beautiful medieval buildings and world-class museums, but you will also get to enjoy some first-rate cuisine in the company of fun and happy people.


This might sound surprising, but Canada is actually among the top 10 happiest countries in the world today. In terms of health, social, and economic-related factors, Canada was dubbed as the 7th happiest place in the world. Some of the happiest cities in the country are Saguenay, Sudbury, Halifax, Trois-Rivières, Montreal, Calgary, and St. John’s. All of them were able to do better than Vancouver or even Toronto.

Even though it was outranked by other Canadian cities, Vancouver is still a pretty great place to visit. It is by far the most linguistically and ethnically diverse city in the modern world. More importantly, it is considered to be the most habitable place in the world. Vancouver has a high standard of living and offers a quality of life, not to mention it is among the top ten cleanest cities in the world.


Known as the lucky country, Australia is also among the top ten happiest countries in the world, at least as far as the well-being factor is concerned. There’s no surprise there since Australians have the privilege of breathing in some of the freshest and cleanest air across the globe.

Among its many cities, Canberra, Australia’s capital city, ranks 1st as the happiest city in Australia in terms of well-being factor. It is also believed to be the most sustainable city in Australia.

However, if you are traveling to a place where it feels just like home, then you should visit Melbourne. Melbourne has a diverse population compared to any other city in Australia. In fact, more than one-third of the population is made up of foreigners. In addition, Melbourne is considered to be the most habitable city in Australia because of the booming business in the city as well as the opportunities that await both locals and foreigners.


If you’re planning on taking a vacation this 2019 to unwind and relieve stress, then you should put Denmark at the top of your list of top places to visit. One good reason to do so has to do with the fact that Denmark was dubbed as the 3rd happiest country in the world in 2019 by none other than the United Nations.

Beaten only by Norway and Finland, Denmark offers excellent design chops, exquisite food, and a cool, positive vibe to its visitors. As a matter of fact, it was also recommended and endorsed as one of the top cities to visit in 2019 by the Lonely Planet, which is a well-respected authority when it comes to travel.

However, there is something more to Denmark than its mouth-watering cuisine and excellent architectural designs. It also boasts one of the most breathtaking and historic waterfronts in the world, not to mention their seriousness in terms of their green initiatives including their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Now, these are four of the happiest places in the world this 2019. No matter where you decide to go, the one thing that you should think about is how this trip could bring about something positive in your life right now.