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Trendy Accessories for Women With Short Hair in 2019

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Trendy Accessories for Women With Short Hair in 2019

When you have long hair, it’s so easy to style it with trendy accessories. You can easily achieve an elegant look by braiding your hair or exude a carefree vibe by sporting an updo. However, for women who have short hair, it’s an everyday struggle.

Fortunately, this 2019, there is an assortment of trendy accessories that women with short hair could wear. To help you get some ideas, here are some of the trendy accessories for women with short hair this 2019:

Elegant Lace Headband

One of the most perfect accessories for short hair is a lace headband. Nothing shouts elegance more than having a lovely braid tucked under an elegant lace headband. It will absolutely look gorgeous on a short bob cut.

I guess one of the reasons why so many women are so into elegant lace headbands is the fact that it addresses two concerns at once. It can instantly incorporate a hint of elegance or “glam” into any outfit. Not only that – It can also ensure that your hair stays in place.

Sparkly Hair Clip

When we think about sparkly accessories, we often have little girls in mind. We have this weird notion that only sparkly and shiny things are suitable for little girls – That’s where we’re wrong.

No matter what hairstyle or hair color you may have, you can freely wear sparkly accessories like sparkly hair clips. Try on one of these hair clips on one or both sides of your hair and see your hair come to life.

Self-Securing Hair Jewelry Piece

If you have a pixie undercut and you’re not sure how to accessorize it, then you should take a look at self-securing hair jewelry pieces. They are great statement-making pieces that can make you look bolder and more elegant.

Moreover, this accessory can easily become the perfect piece for special occasions or during parties. It’s an edgy hairpiece that lets you make a bold yet elegant statement.

Jeweled Flower Barrette

Barrettes are considered more feminine than headbands and hair clips. Moreover, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gorgeous, feminine hair accessories.

To help you create a feminine look using a jeweled flower barrette, make a braided updo and pair it with the jeweled accessory. It works well because it keeps your hair in place as well as accentuates your hairstyle.

You can also try doing a side braid and pair it with the jeweled flower barrette. With this hairstyle, you are sure to see admiring gazes wherever you go.

Gold Headband

If you want to turn heads, you can try wearing a gold headband. An Egyptian-inspired golden headband would look perfect on all hair lengths. For people with short hair, it will add shine and glamour to their hair.

In addition, this headband will ensure that your hair stays in place and will let you enjoy a frizz-free day. Whether you have a short bob or a pixie cut, a gold headband will be a trendy accessory to add to your collection. 

That sums up all the trendy accessories for short hair in 2019. This list proves that you can still look glamorous and beautiful with short hair. Experiment with various hair accessories and find the ones that suit your style.