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Why is Workplace Health So Important?

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Why is Workplace Health So Important?

Workplace health is incredibly important. This can revolve around directives to ensure desk-based employees aren’t sat staring at screens for too long, that shift workers are able to have access to the adequate breaks, or that manual workers have the right personal protective equipment. Mindfulness at work has become a huge trend and one that looks to continue to grow as we consider what a healthy work-life balance really looks like. So, how can a healthy environment be maintained at work?

Covering the Basics in Employee Health

One of the main aspects of workplace health is both the physical and mental toll that jobs take on us. We spend almost half of our functional hours at work, so being catered for there is important to our overall quality of life. Things such as the direct environment – chairs, or even the lights, desk space, keyboards, monitors, facilities, and more – are the first things to assess when considering workplace health. Some businesses offer free breakfast, coffee, or fruit, while others pay for courses that help career development. Several places instigate yoga sessions every week, which have health benefits. Some places offer free gyms, parking, or childcare in order to show their employees that they truly care about them and want to nurture them to do their best.

Mutual Protection Leads to Peace of Mind

Part of ensuring workplace health is employees knowing they are protected and will be compensated should anything happen. While many businesses offer health insurance, others offer schemes that promote other forms of wellbeing. But workplace health also covers anything that might happen at work that hinders the employee’s working abilities in the future.

Getting a worker’s compensation insurance quote could help give them peace of mind that should an accident or illness occur at work, then the person involved would be covered and the business wouldn’t face too much of a financial impact. Having such policies in place could help ensure that the workplace remains harmonious, with both employer and employee confidence that they are in safe hands should anything happen.

to Peace of Mind

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Open Dialogue Leads to Healthy Environment

Health at work can also come from the atmosphere created in the workplace. HR will be keen to point out that it’s not just physical benefits or stress-relieving activities that contribute to a healthy workplace. In fact, procedures for any kind of grievance or issue are just as important to keep a workplace happy and healthy.

As 54% of employees don’t feel comfortable reporting perceived unfair practices, this stifled dialogue could, in fact, be leading to an unhealthy atmosphere. HR professionals suggest that open lines of communication for all manner of issues mean that employees feel more confident knowing there is something in place should they ever need to call upon HR.

The main reason that workplace health is so important to both employer and employee is that it leads to greater productivity. Almost all activities that have been designed to give a better quality of work-life balance and that ensure the physical and mental health of employees have led to higher productivity levels.